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February 19, 2018

Good day and welcome to Naporje~n~New York. The purpose of this blog is to share my personal perspective of fashion, food, life and all things fabulous! I've been in NYC going on 4 years and am greatly in love with the city! Living in NYC was once a dream, now a reality. The vibrancy of fashion, color, culture and creativity is endless! I'm excited to share my past, present and future journeys!


But first, a little bit about me. I'm an emerging photographer, jewelry designer and model. I'm starting FIT in the fall, where I'll be studying Fashion Business Management. It is ultimately my goal to have my own fashion empire. Though I'm living in NYC now, I'm originally from Philly. Philly is my home and the beginning of my story.


 Growing up in Philly, I lived through some pretty hard times. I was sexually violated by a family member, lived in a home with alcoholism, was bullied because of my weight and had issues with my family. These hard times showed me at a young age all I can endure and conquer. I'm grateful for all I've been through and for those who believed in me and pushed me forward! Having a great tribe and God can help you get through anything!! 


It is my goal with this blog and my personal experiences to inspire and uplift people who come from similar backgrounds as myself. People who struggle with their weight, people were sexually assaulted, kids who live with alcoholic parent(s), people who feel they don't belong and everyone who can relate; I want you to know I understand. And though the emotions and moments your going through now may seem unbearable, some how things will get better. 


For years in my life I often wondered how things will improve, what could I do to change my situation, is it my fault, and why the world left so cold? But the thing is we live in a imperfect world  with imperfect people. All one can truly do is be patient, be forgiving and amongst the chaos, chose to find the blessing and lesson. 


With so many nay-sayers, and obstacles held against I managed to graduate high school, college and graduate school. I was blessed to work jobs I loved and pursue the things that fill my heart with happiness. As I write today I'm a humbled being thankful to live the life I live, working towards the life I desire. Never let anything or anyone stand in the way of your light!


Now on to greener pastures. 







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